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Protecting the Dream

You have a vision – a dream.  Maybe it is a dream of where you want to take your business  – or your finances – or your family – your faith.  Maybe you have waited for weeks, months – even years – for it to come to actually be “born”.   And then it does!  The dream is born!   What then?  P’ROTECT IT!

The Farmer and I have a new granddaughter, Josey Elizabeth Lee, born on March 17, 2011.  Josey is our 16th grandchild so this is definitely NOT our first rodeo!  Josey was the “dream” of my daughter, her husband, and older brother Jason, for many months! 

The baby room was planned, the baby shower was great, all in the expectation of the “dream” of baby Josey!

Then Josey decided to arrive 3 weeks early!  Josey was moved to an neonatal intensive care unit in another hospital and my daughter was NOT happy.  She insisted on being discharged early so she could be with her baby – she was intent on PROTECTING her “dream”!  

Just before Josey was born, the Farmer moved some cows and calves from one pasture to another.  One of the cows he moved was extremely agitated (mad cow!)breaking through every fence.  It took a while, but he realized that he had moved her but not her calf!  Boy, was she mad!   He took her BACK to the original pasture and she went straight to the calf.  She was protecting her DREAM!  Do not get in her way! 

In much the same way, we have dreams that when first born are fragile and need protection.  A few thoughts I have for today on newborn dreams:

#1 – Delivery may be hard but worth it all!

#2 – The dream will probably need extra attention in the first few days and months of delivery.

#3 – Sometimes you have to get help to protect the dream.

#4 – It’s YOUR dream – Do your part and PROTECT IT!  There is always someone or something  trying to steal your dream.  The “naysayers” who say it can’t be done, it won’t happen, it’s too hard, it’s not worth it.  Ignore them – the dream is worth it!

Oh, and the “dream”, Baby Josey?    Well, because of the extra attention and protection she received, she came home yesterday. 

 Even though the family had been told it would be 2 weeks – she came home in less than one week!  Below is a picture of the Farmer’s Father (Josey’s GREAT grand father holding her!) Thanks to all of you who prayed for the dream. 

REMEMBER – Protect the dream.

Super Moon On Its Way!

A “Super Moon” is coming our way this Saturday night, March 19, 2011!  This is when the moon will appear bigger as it makes its closest approach to earth in 19 years during an event known as “Lunar Perigee”.

I have always loved full  moons – and for a reason!  Twenty-two years ago, when I was late on delivery of my youngest daughter, my later mother-in-law, Vernie Thaxton, told me “Don’t worry – when the moon is full – you WILL deliver!” And that is exactly what happened!  That daughter is now expecting HER daughter any day – and I’m thinking this week-end.  The theory behind this is that the moon’s gravitational pull affects the amniotic fluid in much the same way it affects the water in the sea.

For years, farmers have faithfully used the Farmers Almanac for guidance in times to plant.   There are times of planting and times of gathering.  A farmer would never consider planting corn and expecting a harvest the next day.  It would not make good sense.  Oh, and by the way, most farmers use good sense!

Many times when a vision is planted inside our hearts and minds, we expect “immediate delivery”.  We have a vision of how our lives – our businesses – our families – our finances – our churches –  are to be.  We get discouraged and wonder why it isn’t happening NOW!   King Solomon wrote “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the sun.  A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck what is planted.”

Between the planting of the vision – and the birthing of that vision –  a season of WAITING – GROWING – MATURING – DEVELOPING – when we are only “pregnant” with the promise.    Here’s the good news – When the time is right – the vision will be born!   And hey – it may be this week-end!  Super Moon is on its way!

My question to you this Friday is this – are you waiting on a vision to be birthed in your life?   I would LOVE your responses:

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