Memorial Day – A Time to Remember

Remember the Alamo?  Most of us do!  But when the battle cry went out over 175 years ago, it wasn’t a question!  “Remember the Alamo”  was the shout that spurred the forces of Sam Houston and later won independence for Texas.

I talked about my recent visit to the Alamo in my SuitsInBoots blog earlier this week.  It was inspiring to see that there are people and organizations committed to ensuring that Americans actually DO remember and honor- not only the EVENT and the PLACE – but the men who gave their lives for a cause they believed in.

Recently I interviewed a soldier for the book I am writing “Seven Pillars of  Success Through Serving” about the Battle of Kamdesh which took place in Afghanistan, on October 3, 2009, when a force of 300 Taliban assaulted the American Combat Outpost (COP) Keating.  He was there when eight soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, 22 wounded, and dozens others left with the memory of what happened.  There is a book being written about the battle – but this soldier won’t need the book – he will REMEMBER.

In a few days, we will celebrate Memorial Day – a day to REMEMBER our fallen heroes.   Unfortunately, for many Americans, the holiday means little more than a day off from work or school, hot dogs and picnics.  But for those who have lost friends and family in combat, the day has a deeper meaning.  It is a day when we REMEMBER, pay tribute and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

The Farmer and I have 16 grandchildren.  Yes, 16!  Recently I purchased combat boots from the Boot Campaign for all of them.  But before I gave the boots to them, I wanted to explain WHAT the Boot Campaign was and WHY the Boot Campaign was important to me, both  personally and to my team, because for every pair of combat boots purchased, a contribution is made to wounded warrior projects.  I played the video for them and we talked about war and warriors.

I told them that at my mortgage office we “served those who serve”  by helping soldiers purchase a home.  I told them that many of the soldiers and/or their families had fought in battles where people were killed or hurt.  I wanted them to know that my involvement in the Boot Campaign was my way to GIVE BACK – my way to REMEMBER – to HONOR the fallen and the wounded of the United States Military.

The Boot Campaign REMINDS  us that many of our men and women who fight for our freedom pay the ultimate price – not only with the loss of their physical and emotional health – but some with their lives.   We must not forget.  We must REMEMBER.

And so, the grandchildren  “got their boots on” and we took pictures.

I asked them to recite back to me what the Boot Campaign was all about.  It was incredible.  They REMEMBERED.

May we honor the ones who have given all by remembering…….Freedom is not free.

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